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Monday, December 10, 2012

How to Install, Glowing Iphone 4 Apple Logo Back Cover Mod

Here we going to show you how to install The Tuning Kit (Glowing Iphone Backcover to your Iphone 4/4S..)

For First you have to Buy the Iphone Glowing Backcover the Set includes a Iphone 4/4S Backcover with a Clear Apple Logo, Fixing Tools, LED Panel, Stickers for style change.!

Here you can see the Video Instruction would be more Use & Helpful for you as a Step by Step Instruction Only with Text .. Watch it and you will replace your Backcover within 40 Minutes as Beginner ..

So here we going Step By step.:

Step 1.: Close your Phone

Step 2.: Remove your Backcover with the 2 Screws on the Bottom of your Phone

Step 3.: Remove the Battery Connector with 1 Screw

Step 4:: Remove the connector Shield with 5 Screws

Step 5.: Pop up the 2 small connectors (seen from right side)

Step 6.: Cut a small slice of the include. sticker and add it exactly in the middle of the 2 connectors ground (To Protect the grounded connector pins)

Step 7.: Add the RED cable of the small LED Panel exactly in the middle of the 2 connectors and let it touch at the bottom of small e-component as seen here ..

Step 8.: Shrink a piece of the tape and add it (paste the red wire) to the described component
Step 9.: Pop back the Connectors, Fix the LED Panel on a place match the Apple logo of backcover later, add a small pcs of glue tape to battery and paste the Panel on it. !

Step 10.: connect the clear chopper wire to - Negative (i use the Battery screw you can choose any negative solution you find on your own Risk.

Step 11.: Choose a Light Mod for your Backcover (Paste it Blue, Colorful, Clear ...)

Step 12.: Assemble your Phone again, add the shield don't forget 5 screws.. add the Battery connector screw, Pull on the Backcover..

I hope that small DIY Instruction was useful, we get so many Inquires .. Thanks for Inquires again and Support check our Video we Giveaway some Of The Glowing Backcovers Before Christmas ... don forget to Subscribe and Like Our Social Media

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